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Spring Trail provides integrative oncology consultation and care to support and supplement your treatment regimen.

At Spring Trail, we know that everyone with a cancer diagnosis is a unique individual who requires personalized evaluation and care. We believe that utilizing the best evidence-supported complementary therapies alongside conventional treatment gives patients the best chance to achieve their goals.

While our services do not replace conventional treatments, we at Spring Trail aim to help every patient with a diagnosis of cancer live well and thrive.

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Kevin Brown, MD

Kevin Brown, MD

Oncologist with a whole-person approach to cancer care

Integrative Oncology

Integrative Oncology

Health-focused care to support and complement your cancer treatment regimen

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Integrative oncology consultation and care

Welcome To Spring Trail Integrative Oncology

Over my many years of practice, including more than 20 years as an oncologist and hematologist, I have had the absolute privilege of caring for many people with cancer and I have learned many lessons from them. One of the most important things I have learned is that patients do better when they are treated as individuals with a personalized approach. This approach should take into account not just the biology of the tumor but also the factors that make each patient unique, including their life situation, overall health status, lifestyle habits, and their own biologic traits. At Spring Trail, we focus on helping you make your body as inhospitable to cancer as possible. Our approach includes an emphasis on your metabolic health as well as supportive and supplemental treatments which target the tumor environment, giving you the best chance to achieve your goals in your cancer journey.

Kevin Brown, MD, Founder & Owner, Spring Trail Integrative Oncology

Dr. Kevin Brown

Meet Kevin Brown, MD

Dr. Kevin Brown is a specialist in integrative oncology who is board certified in integrative medicine, oncology, and hematology. He has lived in Colorado most of his life. He received his medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, then later completed fellowship training in medical oncology and hematology at the University of Iowa as well as fellowship training in integrative medicine through the world-renowned University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center in Tucson. He specializes in caring for adult patients. After practicing as an oncologist and hematologist for over 20 years, he founded Spring Trail Integrative Oncology with the goal of providing a compassionate, supportive, personalized care experience for patients with cancer and malignant blood disorders.

As an oncologist and hematologist, Dr. Brown is trained to diagnose and treat all types of cancer and blood disorders. In his current practice at Spring Trail Integrative Oncology, he is focusing on providing integrative consultation and care for cancer and malignant blood disorder patients, working together with each patient’s primary treating oncologist as well as other specialists to provide truly comprehensive care.

Your Spring Trail Experience

Spring Trail provides integrative oncology consultation and care to support and supplement your treatment regimen. Our practice, located in Louisville, Colorado, conveniently serves nearby Denver, Boulder, Longmont, and surrounding areas. Our telemedicine services are available from anywhere within the state of Colorado.

Prescription Medications

Prescription Therapies

Office Guidelines

Family members are welcome, but to keep visits manageable and productive, we ask that no more than 2-3 family members accompany you in the consultation room. At this time, wearing a mask is optional in our office. However, we understand that some of our patients are at higher risk related to respiratory infections and we try our best to support each patient's needs and preferences. Our staff will gladly wear masks if requested.

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