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Our mission is to provide our patients with a compassionate, personalized approach that adds integrative consultation and the best integrative and complementary therapies alongside the treatments provided by their primary treating oncologist and other cancer specialists.

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Records Review Discussion

Records Review and Discussion

We will take time to get to know you and to learn the story of your cancer journey. Reviewing the records of your diagnosis and treatment will be an important part of your initial visit with us. As part of this review, we can discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have.

Metabolic and functional testing

Metabolic and Functional Testing

In order to plan the right path forward, it helps to have a full picture of the biologic characteristics of your tumor and the tumor’s environment. Depending on your specific situation, we can go beyond standard and conventional testing to obtain the fullest, most precise, and most personalized picture possible.

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Clinical Nutrition

Having the right nutritional plan is a key part of any successful cancer treatment regimen. We make specific, personalized recommendations based on your particular clinical situation and test results. We also work closely with nutritionists who share our nutritional philosophy.

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Supplement and botanical recommendations

We believe that the right nutritional supplements and botanical extracts can support immune function, help make the body environment less hospitable to cancer, and in some cases correct suboptimal nutrient levels. We can review any supplements and botanicals you may already be taking and make recommendations for how to optimize your regimen.

low dose chemotherapy

Metronomic Low-Dose Oral Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy given at low doses tends to cause fewer side effects than full-dose chemotherapy. Also, when given at very low doses on a frequent schedule, chemotherapy can provide some anticancer benefits not usually seen at higher doses, including inhibition of tumor blood vessel growth, stimulation of the immune system, induction of tumor cell dormancy, as well as the potential to overcome drug resistance. While metronomic low-dose chemotherapy is not always an appropriate substitute for the full-dose version, it can be a good option for many patients, especially those with advanced or recurrent cancer. For patients who are good candidates for this approach, we offer oral chemotherapy medications which can be used either alone or in combination with other integrative therapies to maximize their anticancer benefit.

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Therapeutic lifestyle counseling

In addition to healthy nutrition, other healthy lifestyle habits including regular exercise, restorative sleep, mind-body balance, stress management, avoidance of toxic exposures, and gentle detoxification strategies can make a powerful difference in your cancer journey. We can give you advice to help move your lifestyle routine in the right direction.

Treatment options discussion

Treatment Options Discussion

You need to consider all the therapeutic options available to you, including both conventional and complementary/integrative options. Because Dr. Brown is board certified in integrative medicine, oncology, and hematology, he is highly qualified to discuss any treatments which might be appropriate for your situation and to help you sort through your options.

IV Therapy High-Dose Vitamin-C

Natural Intravenous Therapies (by referral)

In some cases, adding intravenous (IV) therapy can help support general wellness and can optimize the body environment to be as inhospitable to cancer as possible. Depending on your particular situation, options may include vitamin C, mistletoe, as well as others.

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